ZEXT BRAKE FLUID DOT- 4 is an extra high performance hydraulic brake fluid for use in automotive disc, drum and anti-skid brake systems and clutch systems.

Key features and benefits include:

• High boiling point

• Excellent corrosion protection

• Consistent and safe brake performance under severe braking pressure

• Reduces leakage and loss of fluid to a minimum

• Extended life and reliability of brake system components

It can be used at ambient temperature from +40°C to -40°C. Follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations when adding brake fluid. It can be mixed with glycol-based fluids. Recommendations for use include: all operations involving brake fluid should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. Handle with gloves and wear chemical splash goggles.

ZEXT BRAKE FLUID DOT- 4 meets the requirements of the major internationally recognised hydraulic brake fluid standards: FMVSS No 116 DOT 4, SAE J1704 and ISO4925 Class 4.