radiatorA car radiator is an indispensable component of the vehicle's cooling system, air conditioning, automatic transmition and other systems. Radioator serve to transfer heat from the hot coolant that flows through it to the air blown through it by the fan. The coolant flows from the inlet to the outlet through many tubes mounted in a parallel arrangement. The fins conduct the heat from the tubes and transfer it to the air flowing through the radiator. Leaks and blockages in the radiator can cause the car to overheat, which can lead to serious damage and expensive repairs to the cooling system.

ZEXT range within the group "radiators" has more than 2000 products and is continuously increasing. The most common types of radiators are, all present in ZEXT assortment, are:

  • car heating radiators

  • engine cooling radiators

  • air conditioning radiator (condenser)

  • transmission oil cooler

Most modern cars use plastic and  aluminum radiators. This type of radiators is the most common type of radiator found in modern cars. They have an aluminum core with a plastic tank and are the least expensive to mass produce by car manufacturers.

Radiators first used downward vertical flow, driven solely by a thermosyphon effect. Coolant is heated in the engine, becomes less dense, and so rises. As the radiator cools the fluid, the coolant becomes denser and falls. This effect is sufficient for low-power stationary engines, but inadequate for all but the earliest automobiles. All automobiles for many years have used centrifugal pumps to circulate the engine coolant because natural circulation has very low flow rates.

grilleA less known type of radiator is to cool the transmission oil. The transmission cooler is like a radiator within a radiator, except instead of exchanging heat with the air, the oil exchanges heat with the coolant in the radiator.

Considering the particularly important role of this component, ZEXT pay attention on the quality of the materials and on the production's highest quality standards.

Whatever type of offered radiator, ZEXT provides: safety operation, operating parameters equal to those imposed by OE producers, sustainable exploitation in any weather conditions.